Frequently Asked Questions

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How much are your tickets?

They range from $18.95 to $45.95. Please see our Buy Ticket page for all the details. We will be offering shows of all kinds during the season with and without food so some tickets will be less than $18.95.

If I don't use my tickets do I get a refund?

No. It’s pretty much like a movie theater or a concert in that respect. If you buy tickets and don’t show up, that’s on you. Sorry.

If you truly have an emergency, please call us before the show and let us know. We only guarantee exchanges if you give us 48 hours notice. We of course allow you to gift, trade, or just give your tickets away to those of your choice.

Can I bring my own beverages?

No. We do not allow any beverages to be brought into the playhouse. This includes all alcohol. The license does not allow this.

Do you serve food and alcohol?

Yes. We are a full service Dinner Theatre with catering by top-rated local restaurants and a full bar is offered to our guests.

How old do I have to be to attend a Suncoast Star production?

That depends on the production. We will always rate our productions like the movies.

How do I get on Stage?

All of the performers you see on our stage have been acting and/or improvising for years or maybe just that night you happen to see their acting debut! If you want to get involved behind the scenes, start by volunteering or contacting us.

I have a script that’s perfect for Suncoast Star Playhouse. Where should I send it?

We have received some scripts in the mail …and we don’t have time to read them all. If you’ve really done your homework and really think you have a script that makes sense for us to produce, you can send it here:

Attn: Rick Kastel
Suncoast Star Playhouse
2803 Gulf to Bay Blvd. Unit 120
Clearwater, FL 33759